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Sustainability Thought Leadership

October 17, 2016

Just yesterday, I finished reading a book that’s been top of my list for a while now: Colin Beavan’s “No Impact Man”. It’s a story about the author transforming his and his family’s life to practice what he preaches: sustainability. He manages to do this to the extreme all while living in the modern madness of NYC. He spends his year not taking any airplanes, subways, or taxis. He stops using electricity in the house, reduces all waste (no toilet paper!), and overall lives a no-impact lifestyle.

This book was fascinating to me as a fellow sustainability advocate. Questions that have always intrigued me were:

  • To what extremes do...

July 8, 2016

Green is good! The hotel industry is finally getting up to speed on making hotels more eco-friendly because they are realizing (1) its better for their bottom line, but also (2) because consumers are starting to care more about sustainable travel. 

After much research and personal experience, below are my recommendations of the top Eco-Friendly Hotels in New York City for 2016! As a recent New Yorker (okay...Brooklynite), I love checking out hotels in this massive city. 

Element Hotel Times Square West:


Starwood's very own eco-friendly brand, Element does a great job maintaining sustainability in all

aspects. I practi...

July 7, 2016

We are so excited to announce that Giving Bag officially have a website.  It took a long time but we did it all on our own.

Giving Bag is a sustainable solution for hotels to have a local impact through their guest's donations.  Right now we are small, but we estimate that in the next 5 years our Giving Bag Network will be spread across the entire globe.

Follow us on Instagram (@givingbag) for sustainability tips, trends, and Giving Bag news.  As we continue to grow, we will use Instagram and our other social media channels to incentivize donations and share powerful updates about the positive change Giving Bag and YOU are making f...

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