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Creating a network of travelers and hotels spanning across brands, geographies, and market segments, united by a common goal of giving back to local communities.

The idea came to us after we attended a conference in Las Vegas. There were too many conference giveaways and clothing to fit in the carry-on suitcase. We wanted to just leave the items in the room and hope that an employee would keep them. Having graduated from Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, we knew that if we just left the unwanted items in the room they would end up in the lost and found for 3-6 months even though there was no intention of claiming them.


It just didn't seem fair to anyone. It was a waste of hotel employees' time logging these items in the lost and found, and it was a waste of these perfectly good items that could benefit someone in need. 


Out of necessity, Giving Bag was created. Interest from hotels showed that people want a sustainable and charitable practice to give their items away, but a convenient method just didn't exist.


Giving Bag is here to support your efforts of charitable community impact at every corner of the globe.

A win win for hotels and communities.

Mission and History
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We would love to continue expanding our network of charities accepting gently used items for donation in local communities. Items could include clothing, books, business attire, shoes, and other gently used items.

Reach out to us HERE for more information on how you can receive items and collaborate with local hotels.

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