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We have a few pre-built package options to choose from. Or we can create a custom option for your unique needs. Giving Bag is excited to support your local community.

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Giving Bag License

Utilize the Giving Bag trademark, branding guide, donation pickup services, and implementation best practices. Best for hotels that prefer to supply their own bags and more involvement in the process. 


Giving Bag will supply our custom-made bags directly to your hotel, set up partnerships with local charities,  donation pickup services,  provide our branding guide, and will be available for support. Pricing varies based on the number of guest rooms. Best for hotels that want the full Giving Bag experience, management, and expertise.


We understand that every brand has different goals. Giving Bag’s #1 goal is to be a trusted partner to provide long-term value to your team. Contact us to discuss.

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