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Giving Bag is easy to implement in any hotel.  Give travelers an option to leave behind gently used items for local communities.  A simple way to be charitable and sustainable. Change the world, push boundaries, and rethink the status quo.

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A few simple steps.

1. Reach out to Giving Bag

You can fill out our short inquiry form here. We'll get back to you to finalize details and answer any questions you may have.

4. Place bags in each guestroom

After receiving your Giving Bags, place them in a visible location within the guestroom and make sure to inform guests.

2. Choose your package option

There are a few options for you to choose from when working alongside Giving Bag. We can also develop custom packages.

5. Marketing & PR Collaboration

Guest communications is an important step of the process. Let the world know you're a leading hotel when it comes to sustainability and impactful initiatives. We can help you!

3. Receive Giving Bags

Giving Bag will send you the necessary amount of bags for your hotel and will continue to send new Giving Bags as needed.  

6. Items get donated locally

Items will be donated to a local Giving Bag charity partner or a charity or your choice benefiting the local community and reducing waste! 


Complete our form and we'll be in touch with next steps.

For travelers.

1. Donate gently used items

Place gently used items like books, shoes, and clothing in the Giving Bag within your hotel room. Ensure donated items are of a quality that can be used by someone else.

2. Tell us what you left

Help us by filling in our short form to share what you donated. It's really helpful for us to log the donated items to find improvements.

3. Spread the word 📷

Tagging @givingbag on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social sites is extremely helpful to spread the movement. #givingbag

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