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Giving Bag is proud to partner with all Alila Hotels & Resorts across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. A partner since 2019, Alila has brought creativity and dedication to Giving Bag throughout their properties. Rooted in a philosophy that cherishes local culture, nurtures connections, and prioritizes environmental stewardship, Alila has seamlessly integrated these values into every aspect of its operations.


Alila has been at the forefront of sustainability and community involvement within the hotel industry. Together, Alila and Giving Bag are embarking on a journey to enhance the guest experience while making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

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Once at an Alila property, simply place gently used clothing, shoes, or books into Giving Bag. Other items we've seen donated are belts, hats, and neck ties. At the moment, we cannot accept money or food as donations.


Upon checkout, your items will be collected from the room's Giving Bag and organized for donation to a local charity. Items will be inspected before donation to make sure they are in usable condition to be donated.


During your stay, take a picture of Giving Bag and tag @alilahotels and @givingbag. You can also use #givingbag along with your @ tags.

Some of the charities being supported by various Alila properties:

  • Mirbat Zakat Committee - Alila Hinu Bay

  • Swayansevi Sanstha Baal Aashram - Alila Fort Bishangarh

  • Yayasan Lentera Solo - Alila Solo

Every Alila property embodies a commitment to minimize environmental impact and maximize social benefits. Take, for instance, Alila Ubud, nestled amidst the lush jungles of Bali. Here, the resort goes beyond conventional practices by recruiting the majority of its employees from the local Payangan and Gianyar communities. This not only strengthens the bond between guests and locals but also fosters economic empowerment.

Similarly, at Alila Solo, in partnership with Solopeduli, a local NGO, the resort has established the Learning Garden for the community of Ngablak village, Karanganyar. This initiative addresses the community’s limited access to educational resources by providing a hub for learning and reading, supplemented by classes taught by colleagues from various departments. Additionally, future plans include health and wellness programs, further enriching the lives of locals and creating a positive ripple effect throughout the region.

Alila Wuzhen, inspired by the intricate canals and alleyways of its surroundings, offers a serene retreat where modern architecture seamlessly blends with the ancient traditions of the 1300-year-old water town. More than mere visitors, they become stewards of tradition, contributing to the preservation of local customs and craftsmanship.

Born out of a desire to create tangible social impact, Giving Bag partners with leading hotels worldwide to facilitate donations to local charities. Since 2019, Alila has exemplified the spirit of Giving Bag, harnessing creativity and passion to amplify its charitable efforts.

How do Alila and Giving Bag join forces ?

It begins with a simple gesture—a Giving Bag in every room. Guests are invited put any unwanted, gently used items (usually articles of clothing, books, and shoes) into Giving Bag during their stay. These items are then collected and donated directly to local charities. This unique hotel amenity not only reduces waste in the hotel's lost & found, but also fosters a sense of purpose among travelers.


By partnering with Giving Bag, Alila empowers guests to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, transforming their stay into an opportunity for social good.

Read more about each of the Alila properties below:

South East Asia

Alila Bangsar
Alila Solo
Alila SCBD
Alila Ubud
Alila Manggis
Alila Seminyak
Alila Uluwatu

Alila Purnama

Alila Kothaifaru Maldives



Alila Jabal Akhdar

Alila Hinu Bay



Alila Diwa Goa

Alila Fort Bishangarh


Alila Wuzhen

Alila Dongao Island (coming soon)

Alila Shanghai (coming soon)

As we embark on this new chapter of partnership, our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility remains unwavering. Alila and Giving Bag share a vision of a world where every journey leaves a positive impact—a world where hospitality transcends borders to create lasting change. Together, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and lead by example, proving that luxury and altruism are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary forces for good.

With the introduction of Giving Bag, Alila takes another bold step forward, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and meaningful experiences.

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