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Giving Bag &

Giving Bag is proud to be used as a charitable amenity at the property where you are staying. Add gently used items to Giving Bag for a local sustainable impact.

What should I donate?

Simply place gently used clothing, shoes, or books into Giving Bag. Other items that we've seen donated are belts, hats, and neck ties. At the moment, we cannot accept money or food as donations.

What happens next?

Upon checkout, your items will be collected from the room's Giving Bag and organized for donation to a local charity. Items will be inspected before donation to make sure they are in usable condition to be donated.

How you can support  📷

Take a picture of Giving Bag and tag @givingbag on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social sites to spread the word. You can also use #givingbag along with your @ tags.

Help us learn more.

Thanks for being a part of the Giving Bag movement!

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