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How Giving Bag Makes a Difference

When I go on trips, it’s easy for me to accumulate a ton of stuff that I don’t really need. Whether it’s a goodie bag full of merchandise from a conference, or a wardrobe full of hand-me-downs from grandma’s house, I always end up racking up an unnecessary amount of stuff. So when the last night of my hotel stay comes around and it’s time to pack up, I have a hard time getting my luggage to zip up. I’ll arrive at the airport to weigh my luggage and to nobody’s surprise, it’s usually overweight. I end up having to throw away perfectly good articles of clothing or sometimes even a pair of shoes which makes me feel extremely wasteful.

Some of my friends don’t even bother trying to stuff their luggage. They simply leave unwanted items in the hotel room in hopes that somebody will make use of them. Unfortunately, these items get tossed into a lost and found bin. With no one actually searching for them, the items remain in storage for a few months before they’re discarded which again, is wasteful.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, Giving Bag provides a resourceful solution. While I may not need a few extra T-shirts or another pair of flip-flops, a ton of people out there could make great use of these items. Giving Bag gives travelers the opportunity to leave their mark on communities in a good way. I have a feeling that locals would be way friendlier if they knew that the tourists who infiltrate their cities were kindly donating and recycling items while visiting.

By placing your unwanted, gently used items in a Giving Bag, you’re making a commitment towards furthering sustainability efforts. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability isn’t solely about reducing energy consumption. Giving Bag recycles and distributes these items to the local community. Not only are you helping to conserve Earth’s limited resources, but you’re also providing necessities to those who are in need.

It feels great to know that through Giving Bag, I have an opportunity to reduce my carbon footprint while helping others. Eco-Friendly hotels that equip their rooms with Giving Bag send a strong, personal message to their guests. These hotels let the world know that sustainability matters to them. It’s comforting for guests to know that their hotels also envision a more sustainable planet. Whether it's a website or a hotel amenity, people appreciate personalization efforts that make their life easier.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and wish you had a Giving Bag at your hotel to a difference in the local community?!


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