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How Hotels Can Improve the World Through Sustainable Amenities and Community Involvement

Hotels have the power to make a significant impact on the world through sustainability, community involvement, and employee well-being. In this blog, we'll explore three key ways that hotels can improve the world through these avenues, and provide specific ways for readers to take action towards a better future.

Are you worried about how sustainability might affect your bottom line? A Green Hotel Consumer Report by Operto study found that guests are willing to pay significantly more per night —up to 75% more in some cases— to a hotel that can demonstrate genuinely green policies."

Eco-friendly Amenities

Eco-friendly amenities, such as energy-efficient lighting and water conservation programs, are not only good for the environment but also help hotels reduce operating costs. However, hotels can take it a step further by using renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, recycling and composting, and offering guests reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Did you know that in 2019, Marriott pledged to eliminate single-use toiletries from all of its hotels globally by the end of 2020? This initiative alone will save an estimated 1.7 million pounds of plastic each year. It's stories like this that inspire us to take action towards a more sustainable future.

According to a study by, 83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital. By offering eco-friendly amenities, hotels can tap into this growing trend and attract more environmentally-conscious travelers.

To take action towards a more sustainable future, consider choosing hotels that prioritize eco-friendly amenities, and bring your reusable water bottle and shopping bags when traveling. Travelers are demanding accountability with the brands they support.

Supporting Local Communities

Hotels can also improve the world by supporting local communities through partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations. By offering unique experiences for guests through locally-sourced food, art, and products, hotels can support local businesses and provide guests with an authentic travel experience.

In addition, hotels can connect with charitable organizations to support the community. For example, hotels can donate a portion of their profits to a local charity or provide volunteer opportunities for their guests to participate in local community projects. This not only benefits the community but also creates a positive image for the hotel, demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

Take the example of the Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives. The resort supports the local community through its "SLOW LIFE Foundation," which focuses on the conservation of marine life and sustainable development in the Maldives. The foundation provides education and training to local communities to reduce their impact on the environment, and also funds marine conservation projects. By staying at the Soneva Fushi resort, guests can directly contribute to the local community's well-being and conservation efforts.

To take action towards supporting local communities, consider choosing hotels that prioritize partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations, and ask the hotel staff about volunteer opportunities in the community.

Supporting Employee Well-being

Hotels can make a positive impact on the world by supporting the well-being of their employees. By offering wellness programs, training and development opportunities, and fair wages and benefits, hotels can support employee well-being and create a positive work environment. Happy employees are more productive and provide better customer service, leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty. Idea: offer morning meditation or stretching for employees!

In addition, hotels can provide volunteer opportunities for their employees to participate in local community projects. This not only benefits the community but also creates a sense of purpose and pride for employees, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

To take action towards supporting employee well-being, consider choosing hotels that prioritize employee wellness programs, and thanking hotel staff for their hard work and dedication.


The hotel industry has the potential to create a ripple effect that can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. As guests become more aware of the impact of their travel choices, hotels have an opportunity to lead the way in creating a more responsible and impactful industry. By investing in sustainable and community-oriented initiatives, hotels can not only improve their bottom line but also create a better world for generations to come.


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