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Sustainable Travel Accessories under $30

Updated: Mar 7

Making efforts to reduce waste and lead a sustainable life while traveling can get pricey. Here are some products that will provide environmental benefits while you travel, without breaking your bank.

Green Trees Water Bottle

$28.00 claims that they plant one tree for every sale they make. They’ve planted over 400,000 trees so far! This reasonably priced water bottle is eco friendly and it’ll keep your water cool all day .Throw your favorite stickers on it to give your bottle a personalized touch.

Patagonia GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag


The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag protects synthetic garments and reduces the amount of microfibers that may enter rivers and oceans from washing. This bag provides a sustainable way for people to wash their clothes while in the great outdoors. After washing your garments, remove the microfibers from the bag and dispose of them appropriately.

FETE 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case


This all natural and vegan bamboo case is a must have for sustainable travelers. It features a removable top and a drainage hole at the bottom. Sustainability never looked so sleek!

Well Earth Zero Waste Cotton Swabs


Bamboo, one of the earth’s fastest growing natural fibers, is used to create these cotton swabs without the plastic waste. These bamboo-stem zero waste Cotton swabs are 100% biodegradable. To dispose of these properly, remove the cotton and up-cycle the bamboo sticks, put them in the compost, or use as kindling for your fire!

HumanKind Refillable Deodorant


Humankind calls this product the most advanced natural deodorant ever. It comes in a revolutionary, refillable container that saves the planet from plastic waste. At 1.6oz, it’s the perfect size for travel! They come in four mesmerizing scents including Eucalyptus, Rosemary-Mint, Lavender-Citrus, and Coconut.

To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set


These sustainable bamboo utensils provide a lightweight, long lasting substitute to single use plastics on the go. The pack includes a fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks. The carrying case is even made from recycled plastic water bottles!


What are some of your favorite sustainable travel items? Share in the comments!

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