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Sustainable Travel Items & Accessories under $30

Making efforts to reduce waste and lead a sustainable life while traveling can get pricey. Here are some products that will provide environmental benefits while you travel, without breaking your bank.

*Links below may lead to sites that Giving Bag earns a very small percentage of affiliate revenue if you decide to make a purchase.

$28.00 claims that they plant one tree for every sale they make and "stop mountains of plastic from being wasted". They’ve planted over 400,000 trees so far! This reasonably priced water bottle is eco friendly and it’ll keep your water cool all day. Throw your favorite stickers on it to give your bottle a personalized touch.


We have taken this toilet paper with us all around the world! From camping trips in the desert to hikes up mountains, having Betterway in your bag is always a great decision. It's soft on the planet and soft on your 🍑.

It arrives in 100% plastic free packaging and their bamboo is sourced from FSC certified forests & the individual wrappers on each roll are compostable.


This all natural bamboo travel case is a must have for sustainable travelers. It features a removable top and a 365 day guarantee. Sustainability never looked so sleek!


Use these makeup pads up to 1000 times to reduce waste and lead the sustainable travel revolution! No need for cotton makeup remover pads, these are all-natural and are easy to fit in your carry-on baggage. Made for all skin types. Easily store them in the bamboo storage case, and then give them a wash in the included laundry bag.

Natural Argan Oil Travel Shampoo and Conditioner


This travel shampoo and conditioner set is 100% vegan and comes with scents like Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Lemon Gardenia, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and unscented. It's cruelty free, TSA compliant, and 100% plant based.

This shampoo and conditioner bar ticks many boxes for the sustainable traveler. Give this zero waste, bio-degradable, and compostable option a try.

BONUS (but not under $30)


This 35L travel bag is made by a brand that cares, for travelers that care. Cotopaxi is a brand that leads the way in developing products with a conscious, sustainable, and charitable impact. This travel pack is made with 100% recycled materials. It is easily washable, can fit your laptop, and has plenty of room for all your travel needs.

Every pack is one of a kind because, "employees who have complete creative control over its final look."


What are some of your favorite sustainable travel items? Share in the comments!


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